Since its founding 26 years ago, World Trade Press has been a leading authority on the topics of international trade, international travel, and world cultures. The majority of our content (about 85 percent) is proprietary to World Trade Press. It is the result of collaboration between our in-house editorial staff and an international team of writers and topic experts, who are recruited based on their research skill and first-hand knowledge of a given topic. Where applicable, an attribution at the end of an article credits the writer or researcher. An attribution is considered impractical when many individuals contribute over time to the initial creation and subsequent updates of a single article. See below for profiles of our current in-house editorial staff and international writing team. A portion of our content (about 15 percent) comes from reliable public domain sources or is reproduced with permission from top-tier international organizations. Reproducing this material in the same products with our proprietary content serves our clients by uniting valuable information in one accessible location. The sources for this information are listed on each applicable page.


Edward G. Hinkelman

Edward G. Hinkelman is an international economist with degrees from Tufts University and the University of Paris, and is the CEO/Publisher of World Trade Press. Mr. Hinkelman has more than 30 years' experience as an importer and exporter, and has traveled to and done business in more than 80 countries. He is the author of the industry standard Dictionary of International Trade, now in its 13th edition, and three other industry reference books. Mr. Hinkelman has been a member of the National District Export Council and a visiting lecturer on trade-related subjects at the University of Michigan, Tufts University, San Francisco State University, numerous TEC (The Executive Committee, now known as Vistage) meetings, and other industry programs and seminars.

Edward G. Hinkelman Edward G. Hinkelman

Short Course Authors

Robert L. Brown

Robert L. Brown, MBA, JD, PhD, is a writer, attorney, educator, and business consultant with extensive experience in domestic and international transactions. He has represented and advised entrepreneurs, businesses, and investors, and has written, edited, or critiqued hundreds of business plans.

Robert L. Brown Robert L. Brown

Jeffrey Curry

Jeffrey Curry, MBA, PhD, is a trade professional with years of experience leading trade missions and negotiating joint ventures in North America, Asia, and Europe. He has taught management development, international finance, and economics in both the United States and Asia. He is the author of Passport Vietnam, Passport Taiwan, and books on international economics and negotiating, and is the editor of the VIEN Report.

Jeffrey Curry Jeffrey Curry

Alan S. Gutterman

Alan S. Gutterman, MBA, JD, PhD, has over 20 years' experience representing entrepreneurs, businesses, and investors in domestic and international transactions. He is currently COO and general counsel of a new media services company in California. He has authored books on cross-border transactions, strategic alliances, and technology transfer, and has taught graduate level courses on mergers and acquisitions, law and economic development, and doing business in Japan.

Alan S. Gutterman Alan S. Gutterman

Charles Mitchell

Charles Mitchell began his career as a reporter for the Rand Daily Mail in Johannesburg, became the South Africa-based correspondent for United Press International (UPI), and then bureau chief for UPI in Moscow. He's currently the publishing director for The Conference Board, the New York-based research organization specializing in global economic forecasting and management issues.

Charles Mitchell Charles Mitchell

Karla C. Shippey

Karla C. Shippey, JD, is an international attorney specializing in intellectual property rights and related transactions for companies doing business worldwide. She has been writing legal and international business publications for 15 years. She is the author of A Short Course in International Contracts and is currently a partner in the law firm of Anderson and Shippey in Orange, California.

Karla C. Shippey Karla C. Shippey

Michael D. White

Michael D. White is the Executive Director of the Foreign Trade Association of Southern California. He holds a certificate in international business from the International Institute in Tokyo and a degree in journalism from California State University. In his 23-year career as a journalist, he covered international trade as managing editor of World Trade Magazine and as an editor at International Business Magazine, Pacific Shipper, and International Thomson Transport Press.

Michael D. White Michael D. White

Editorial Team

Brielle Burt

Brielle Burt was born and raised in Northern Michigan where she earned a bachelor’s degree in technical and professional communication from Ferris State University in Big Rapids. Having worked at several newspapers as a reporter, copy editor, and page designer, Brielle’s background is mostly in journalism. She started working for World Trade Press as a freelance writer at the beginning of 2018 before being hired as a full-time writer and editor in July 2018.

Brielle Burt Brielle Burt

Elizabeth Freitas

Elizabeth Freitas is the Senior Manager of Linguistic Resources at World Trade Press. She earned her BA in English and German at Hillsdale College, then earned a CELTA from St. Giles College and a teaching credential from Sonoma State University. Her travels have brought her through the UK, the Netherlands, Germany, France, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Greece, Turkey, Israel, Egypt, Kenya, South Africa, Canada, Mexico, and Costa Rica, including a stint living and teaching English in Cairo. She is conversant in Dutch, German, Spanish, and Portuguese. 

Jenny Fretland VanVoorst

Jenny Fretland VanVoorst is the vice president of content development at World Trade Press. In addition to her work developing large-scale research databases, she is a writer and editor specializing in educational nonfiction and has written (under her own name and several pseudonyms) more than 150 informational books for readers of all ages. She is an alumna of the University of Minnesota, where she received graduate degrees in English and curriculum and instruction. When she's not reading or writing, Jenny enjoys kayaking, watching wildlife, playing the piano, and planning her next international adventure. She lives in Traverse City, Michigan, with her husband, Brian.

Jenny Fretland VanVoorst Jenny Fretland VanVoorst

Taylor Holloran

Taylor Holloran has always been an explorer and thinks traveling is one of the most meaningful and fulfilling experiences one can have. He has taken every opportunity he has found to travel the world; after receiving a BA in philosophy from Gettysburg College, he spent time living in Argentina, the Philippines, Cambodia, and New Zealand. His experiences as a traveler and expat lend an authentic perspective to his writing on international business, culture, history, and logistics. Taylor hopes his writing inspires people and gives them the confidence and the tools to go see the world for themselves.

Taylor Holloran Taylor Holloran

Hope Kang

Hope Kang is the Senior Manager of Editorial Development at World Trade Press. She earned her BA in Spanish language and literature at the University of Maryland, College Park. She has worked as a copywriter and editor for Motorola, as a technical line editor for Free World U, and as an editor in the graphics department at NASA. For United Healthcare, she authored articles on mental health, parenting, and elder care. Conversant in French and Spanish, Hope Kang has lived in Spain, and her favorite travel destinations include Roskilde, Denmark; Glasgow, Scotland; and Israel.

Hope Kang Hope Kang

Felicia Topp

Felicia Topp is a native of Traverse City, Michigan, and enjoys the relaxed lifestyle and beauty of all four seasons. Her love of writing, reading, and current events led to a BA in journalism from Michigan State University. She’s worked as a communications specialist for nonprofits and marketing firms and done freelance writing for area companies and publications, including work as a restaurant and book reviewer. Her work at World Trade Press satisfies her curious nature and her quest for knowledge.

Felicia Topp Felicia Topp

David Warfield

David Warfield is a native Midwesterner. He holds a BA from Xavier University, where he majored in English and minored in jazz. He has worked as a newspaper reporter and graphic designer. Outside of work, David is a lifestyle Luddite and a champion of the analog, inefficient, and obsolete. He cherishes the Northern Michigan outdoors life of kayaking, biking, hiking, swimming, and skiing. David's favorite travel destination is Savannah, Georgia.

David Warfield David Warfield

Editorial Assistants

Caitlin Phillips
Emilie Hechanova
Graham Bates
Jennifer Kern
Jennifer Shannon
Jo Ann Gleason
Joanna Lamstein
Kathleen Escamilla
KC Moore
Kristen Johnson
Lisana De la Torre
Madison Cobos
Miranda Jilka
Olivia Powers
Rachel Rapp
Samantha Stronge
Maggie Ryan
Simone Yingst
Rykkee D. Owen
Emily Poore
Andrew Ward Rathkopf
Jessica Rose
Laura Anne Tupper
Mimi Yuen
Deanna S. Colombo
J. Haley Campbell
Dawn Carroll
Dimitri Nicholson
Kalie Kreischer


Tim Hanley

Tim Hanley is a front end web developer who focuses on the user interface aspect of our online databases. Prior to working at World Trade Press, he built user interfaces and web applications for an audio software company based in Virginia.

Tim Hanley Tim Hanley

Dean Tisthammer

Dean Tisthammer is a former Full-Stack Developer at World Trade Press. He has a BA in Geographic Information Technology from Sonoma State University in California, and has over ten years of experience designing and developing web sites with a focus on user interfaces and interactive elements.

Dean Tisthammer Dean Tisthammer

Darren Wiltse

Darren Wiltse is a back end developer at World Trade Press. His responsibilities include managing the databases, working on the CMS, and handling customer service needs. He enjoys writing code in new and challenging ways. Prior to joining the WTP team, Darren obtained a BS in computer science from Michigan Technological University.


Jennifer Williamson

Jennifer Williamson is a freelance writer and editor living in New York City. She holds a bachelor's degree in English from St. Lawrence University. Jennifer owns a mobile freelance business, and has traveled and worked in many areas of the world, including the Netherlands, Crete, the UK, France, Belgium, and Kenya. She writes website copy, brochures, e-mail marketing messages, and other marketing collateral—and has helped clients from countries as diverse as China, the UK, France, and South Africa adapt their marketing messages to an American audience. You can see more of her work at

Jennifer Williamson Jennifer Williamson

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